Autumn New Moon 🌑

Do you often turn something ordinary into something extraordinary? Like turning a Monday night into an honouring of the new moon with all its power and potential? We reject most traditional customs and traditions (think Easter, Christmas etc) being a multi-cultural, non-religious, and somewhat 3rd culture kid’ kind of family. Most religious traditions simply don’t resonate with anything we believe in. Moreso, we try and create our own, one of which is monthly moon ceremonies. Opportunities to slow down, disconnect from the daily grind (yes, even on a boat that exists in a somewhat modified version!) and zoom out. See the magic that is inherent to life. Connect with the Soul.

It also allows to live more in tune with Nature’s natural rhythms. Have you ever noticed that whatever good you do to your body, mind and soul on new and full moon days (and nights) is triple beneficial? The same, of course, counts with the negative. In tonight’s ceremony we honoured the Buddha, for his loving kindness, compassion and equanimity, and Ganesha, the elephant God and remover of all obstacles. It is not easy trying to get a sailor gal to design an eco-house – and everything in between.

Thanks to all the dry palm leaves the fire was bigger than ever. The heavens must have heard.

New Moon is one of the most powerful times of the month to practice yoga, shift your energies, let go of what no longer serves, drop negativity, embrace a new cycle and open up to positive change and endless opportunities – on and off the mat.

If you can’t join me in the morning for a beautiful new moon sunrise practice at 6h15am like every Tuesday at Killcare’s SLSC with the most stunning views over the ocean, then follow the link below for your own home practice:)

Happy, revealing & insightful Amavasya! Namaste, Soul Greetings, Dini

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