Our Boats

No, we don’t have an armada of boats. We are more the type of family that goes sailing young, which tends to mean, on the other side of this coin, we scratch every penny together to get an extra square inch of safety or space or ideally both on a boat. Over the past ten years, we’ve owned around three boats – each perfect for their purpose at the time.

Happy Dancer.JPG

Having grown up and worked on and around boats, we started in our mid-twenties with our first own share in a Bavaria 37 on Sydney Harbour. Then in 2013 when this blog was started we sold the share together with everything else that didn’t fit into three big backpacks, and flew to Europe to buy our Happy Dancer, our Moody 425 in Kilada, Greece. A fantastic boat on which our boys grew up into boat kids, eternally looking for the horizon. They took their first steps, learnt their first words and climbed the mast before they could ride a bike. After three years cruising the Med, we sold Happy Dancer with plenty of tears in 2015 to head back home for the birth of child #3.

Rigy welcome to Pittwater

Currently, whilst building a base in the shape of a house in an eco village an hour north of Sydney, we go sailing every weekend on and around Pittwater and Broken Bay on our Mottle 33. ’cause I’m about to head of sailing, I’ll leave you with this link for now and will fill you in with more detail on this great family weekend sailor another day.

Namaste. Fair winds. Clean diesel. And always a smile on your face.