Being in awe

A friend sent me a scientific article this morning which seemed to prove how optimistic feelings and moods influence positively on the body’s physcial health and well-being. More specifically, the feeling of being in awe was linked to reducing inflammation in the body.

It’s interesting how science more and more proves what is pretty obvious when you live ‘in tune’. Sailors would know that despite the challenges of living among the most hostile environments, there’s not much to beat sunrises at Sea. Parents would know there’s not much that beats that first little smile or gaze of a newborn. Anyone, who embraces live to the fullest would know, that being in awe can be a daily, casual thing which enhances our health and well-being on so many levels. So turn off your device  (I’d say it’s pretty unlikely to find  that feeling through a screen…) and look around you. Notice something to be in awe of?

With love, lightness and gratitude. Dini

Beautiiful Things



Receiving mail and more

Receiving mail is sort of an issue when cruising. Urgent stuff like new boat bits we get sent to the next reliable place we stop and where we have some contacts – either a reliable marina, friends or something similar. The little of the regular mail which couldn’t be turned electronic gets sent to my granny who just called me super excitedly. This is how I found out I’m on the cover picture of the the current Compass’ Cover Page: The Moody Owner’s Association (fantastic club – couldn’t praise them enough and so glad to be part of it!) quarterly magazine. The little joys and surprises of life as you sit in a Crete Cafe and put together info for your next Yoga Retreat on Tenerife in the Canary Islands in November😉


Liveaboard Kayaker

One of the most amazing things about living on a boat – and one well worth paying the sacrifice of confined space, constant maintenance, unfavourable winds, expensive fuel and rolling bays for – is the things you see, mainly those you least expect.

During one of my morning runs I noticed an old guy living on his kayak. He had pulled it up under two palm trees on the beach and was sleeping snugly  in it as the sun only just creeped over the horizon after a windy night. The next night as I was lying there with the boys counting the stars on the night sky above us, I noticed this little thing anchored next to our boat – it was him, the live-aboard Kayaker! Had we not left the next morning, I would have invited him over for dinner. I won’t complain anymore about not having enough space on our 12 x 4 meter floatable home!