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  1. Hi Dini
    Just caught up n magazine reading after being away sailing and noticed your ‘Blog your boat’ article in Cruising Helmsman. Thank you for the plug on our own blog… Much appreciated.😊Chris and Wade

  2. G’day,
    We are a young Australian family with 3 kids who are on a very similar journey to yourselves. Have been inspired by friends to sell up and go sailing. Going to the med next spring to set sail. Like you stared looking at the beautiful Swedish boats before realising they were out of our budget. Looking round have decided the moody 425 would be a good fit for us. Just found your lovely site searching web. Just wondering how you find the moody? How does she sail in light airs and heavy weather (if you’ve been caught out yet). We are looking at a very well equipped one in Sicily at present. Thanks if you have the time to reply.

    • Hi Dan, lovely to hear from you and even better to hear we might be able to welcome a like minded family here in the Med next year. All good news. And more so that you’ve got a crash on the 425 as well – best thing that could have happened to us. Actually glad we didn’t have the budget for the HRs as we would have had much less space – read comfort – than on our Happy Dancer.
      To your questions, sails excellent both in light winds (10 kts wind gives us a smooth and comfortable 5 kts speed, but we’ve got excellent sail and a total seven of them!) as well as in heavy weather (sturdy like a rock thanks to heavy replacement). Always strikes us when we see the plastic fantastics next to us touching the sea with their cockpit lining and we merely rock gently even in 40 kts plus. The boat has been performing beyond all our expectations, nothing bad to say about the Moodys.
      Tips and things to look for – generally on boats – signs for any water intake visible around the hatches (we’ll be replacing our’s this winter); check engine history if there’s a log book or anything (we’ve got every screw that’s been moved since her beginning in 1989 tracked in a book throughout the five owners (inc us) who are all known to us… priceless!); ask around if people know the boat – tradesmen in the marina, other cruisers etc they’ll always give you the story that broker (is it through a broker?) or seller won’t (eg past accidents and the like…). Obviously look out for rust, check the keel bolts, watch out for lt details – out of the hundreds of boats we saw we made it a habit to not waist our time any longer if mold was growing out of kitchen cupboards or anything similar as I believe ig someone can’t clean their boat for an inspection, chances are high that the owner couldn’t be bothered with regular maintenance and repairs either.
      Hope this somehow helps. Gotta run as we are leaving tmrw and I haven’t packed and tidied yet. If there’s anything we can help with, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. (Just emailed you also.)
      Good luck and welcome on the journey of your life;)

  3. Hi there yogi sailing family!
    We are a family of four in living in sydney (heather, rich, milly (8) and ben (6)) and we are looking to set sail in the med from April next year. We have been following your adventure with interest! We clearly have the same taste in yachts too as we have narrowed our search to the Moody 425… Any hints, tips, observations on the 425 would be gratefully received :))

    Happy sailing,

    Heath and Rich

    • Hi Heather, tried replying earlier from my phone, but don’t think that worked. Still working out internet options on board;) Thanks for getting in touch. We saw a Moody 425 for sale in QLD a few months ago – have you had a look at her? Also, do join the Moody Owners Association – invaluable part of buying and owning a Moody. Else, keep us in the loop – and definitely good choice on the boat. Will post ups and downs with our’s as they arise. So far things couldn’t be better. xx

      • Thanks Dini,

        Crazy as it is, we haven’t actually seen a 425 yet but saw a newer 42 in pittwater that was immaculate so not a fair comparison but we fell in love with it. Love the idea of bunk beds for the kids. There are 2 for sale in Spain at the moment that family are going to look at for us. It feels very odd possibly buying a boat that we haven’t actually seen but we want to get on the water early in the season next year and save as much money before we go.

        Can’t wait to leave the rat race but much to be done before then, including selling our boat over here.

        looking forward to reading your progress. Have fun.



      • Exciting. We tried a similar scheme but in the end wanted (and needed) to see, feel and touch ourselves. If you have specs, pics and/or more details and want us to have a look at them, send’em through, lol! x

  4. Hi!
    My wife Egle showed me your wonderful blog just when I was writing my very first post on our blog today, alifeworthsailing.wordpress. After reading for a while I notice that you have 17 days until you move aboard your boat. We have 16 days! Isn’t that a coincidence? I, our oldest son and a friend will arrive by the boat on the 20th of July. Egle and our two younger sons arrive two weeks later. The plan is to sail the boat from Rotterdam south along the Atlantic Coast towards Spain and Portugal this season. Where we will winter we don’t know, I guess we will have some idea by the end of September. We will surly follow your progress with great interest.

    We wish you our very best!

    Mats, Egle, Arian, Elias and Noah soon to be on S/Y Ilona

    By the way, where does your journey start?

    • Hi Ilona crew, so much more than a son with the same to share, by the sounds of it. Happy Dancer’s in Kilada, Greece, where we’ll start our journey in about two weeks, well continue our journey I should stay. Slow move to the Ionian over the next two months, then Sicily and October eventually on to Malta where I’ll be running a few yoga retreats over winter. How old are your sons? Why don’t you join us for a winter in Malta? xoxo Dini

  5. Just wanted to say we enjoy reading your blog, best wishes for the adventure and would love to catch up with you over sundowners out there somewhere!

  6. Dini! Wie geht’s euch lieben? Verfolge deinen Block immer und wollte dir einfach nur mal sagen, dass du sooo schön schreiben kannst! Wahnsinn! Vermiss dich hier! Xx

  7. Hi Mama, Papa, Noah and Gael,

    I am so interested in your blog and journey and very excited for you.
    The sailing life and yogic way are such similar paths. I think it is almost impossible to really be a yachtie without embracing yogic ways even unconsciously. They are just a pair made in heaven, a life of paradise.

    I sailed the northern part of Australia for 7 years and now am land bound for a while. The advantage of that is that now I can take yoga classes whenever I like! The disadvantage is the classes are in brick walls and not on a beach or cliff top overlooking the ocean somewhere.

    You may be interested in my blog. Although I am not a vegetarian, I do have some great vegetarian cruising recipes.

    • Thanks Sheryl, just checked our your blog and will definitely try some recipes. Where are you land bound these days? Do stay in touch – from the oceans, to the earth, the journey is all the same;) xoox Dini

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