I’m very excited to be running this Foundation Yoga Teacher Training this June in Panama. Click on the image for more info & Applications.

No matter how beautiful the outer landscape might look like living on a boat as a family, if the inner landscape doesn’t catch up it all means nothing. Alas, we meet all too many sailors who ‘ought’ to be beyond happy, having fulfilled their life-long dream and moved aboard – instead many have become cynical and depressed, alcoholics and in miserable relationships with themselves, their partners (if any) and the world around them. Yoga and Tantra have shown me the path to polishing the inner world, understanding my own mind, myself and through that others so much better which ultimately leads to joy, love, acceptance and contentment in every day life. I would love to share my yoga with you, either in our 3-week intensive deep inner journey 4-25th June’22 in Bocas del Toro, Panama, or here are a few other offerings on how we can journey together.

November Newsletter Greeting PIcNext to sailing and family, yoga is my pillar that holds my life together. A physical practice, a mental tool, a spiritual path and so much more… Throughout our sailing and stops, it always is with me in some way, shape or form, not only in my own daily practice, but also as part of my dhamma, my path, my gift and blessing to share with the world.

Upavista Konasana Baby Hug

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