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A friend sent me a scientific article this morning which seemed to prove how optimistic feelings and moods influence positively on the body’s physcial health and well-being. More specifically, the feeling of being in awe was linked to reducing inflammation in the body.

It’s interesting how science more and more proves what is pretty obvious when you live ‘in tune’. Sailors would know that despite the challenges of living among the most hostile environments, there’s not much to beat sunrises at Sea. Parents would know there’s not much that beats that first little smile or gaze of a newborn. Anyone, who embraces live to the fullest would know, that being in awe can be a daily, casual thing which enhances our health and well-being on so many levels. So turn off your device  (I’d say it’s pretty unlikely to find  that feeling through a screen…) and look around you. Notice something to be in awe of?

With love, lightness and gratitude. Dini

Beautiiful Things


Learn. Grow. Love.

Sunday morning writing time. FIRST readers in Malta can look forward to the September issue which will include an insight into my personal journal of crossing the Australian Outback. (Blog readers will find a copy on my Media page a few months down the track). Finishing the article, I tumble across a quote which stayed with me from a visit to one of the remote Aboriginal communities out there in the vast, red land . An obvious fact which unfortunately has become less obvious in the obscure and crazy materialistic world we live in:

We are all visitors to this time, this place. We are just passing through. Our purpose here is to observe, to learn, to grow, to love and then, we return home.

  • How to make the most of our little time on Earth;
  • Envisioning your passion, practising yoga and connecting with your dreams;
  • Bringing more clarity to your path and life;
  • Getting inspired by someone who’s stepped away from security in exchange for a life closer to her dreams than ever thought possible;

All of the above and more, you can experience at my upcoming Bali Retreat. Feeling inspired? Learn more and join the other amazing yogis from around the world who have already signed up to transform the power of your dreams into your reality.

Fantastic Blue Water Cruiser for Sale

As we are enjoying sharing our story and inspiring others at the Sydney International Boatshow this weekend, we often get asked on what boat we’ll go for next time we set off into the sunset. Well, here’s one which dear friends of ours have just put on the market after calling her home for ten years and sailing all the way around the world with Sea Topaz. In fact, the lovely British couple living on it are a friend’s parents and sort of adopted us as cruising parents and mentors over the years. Why not shoot them out a massive thank you here, Duncan and Ria, it wouldn’t have been the same without you!

Sea Topaz for Sale

If you wanna check out their incredibly well designed and immaculately well kept and looked after Callisto 435, go no further than here. Had she been on the market when we were looking, and had we been able to stretch our budget enough, we’d definitely would have gone for her.

The other way we often think of them these days is when parents of older children ask us if they should go, despite all their mental ‘buts’, such as “but my daughter is getting married soon.” … “but I’ve got a grand-son on the way.”… “but my parents are getting older.” Just breathe out the buts with your next full and complete exhale. With your next deep inhale into the belly space, manifest your dream and make it come true TODAY, as tomorrow might be too late.

SeaTopaz Days_135.JPG
Happy Dancer and Sea Topaz side by side in Fethye, Turkey

Moreover, Duncan and Ria come to show that living your dream is the most important thing a parent can do to inspire their kids to do the same. Their son and great friend of our’s, after also sailing half way around the world several years ago, is now building his own, totally sustainable straw house for himself and his family in New Zealand. You can follow the detailed steps of his inspirational project on his blog. We can’t wait to visit them to hopefully help set up a permaculture backyard with chickens and children flopping happily about.

Last but not least before we head of to Glebe Island, check out Channel 7’s Sydney Weekenders this after-noon or online any time there after to see our chat with lovely host Mike Whitney.

I love you, Bondi!

Bondi is arguably Sydney’s nicest suburb, sitting on the cliffs and hills between the Pacific Ocean and the iconic beach itself, and Sydney’s downtown business district. It is the most expensive place on this side of the Earth in the Southern Hemisphere, the birth place of all our three children and is also what we’ve been calling home for a long time now.

Other than Bondi, I doubt there’s any other places in the world with a similar eclectic mix of breath-taking natural beauty, flabbergasting cultural diversity and aliveness which simply goes beyond words. No other place leasurly can compete with almost all of the pristine beaches and places we’ve seen sailing over the past few years.

Last night I went for another beautiful sun-set walk with my daughter and from the moment we both burst out laughing at the sight of six camels marching up and down Bondi Beach I couldn’t stop feeling a prickling shower of gratitude for calling this crazy place home. In fact, this is the first time in my nomadic life I call a place ‘home’ (as opposed to a state of mind) and, despite all odds, this doesn’t freak me out anymore. Instead of linking this to ties and captivity, I now feel it is the safety anchor which will always be there for us when everything else won’t.

Dear Bondi, only here can you see the old Rastafari and the young and sleek entrepreneur walking hand in hand along the promenade; regularly hear more than 20 different languages during a mere two hour coastal walk; watch all the oldies leading the way in swimming all year round – even in the more than refreshing water during the winter months; observe the world from the world’s most scenic sauna at Icebergs; watch the sexiest red trunks you’ve ever seen; giggle at the seriousness only Bondi-outdoor-gymsies could ever bring to an array of iron bars; NEVER get tired of the stunning sunrises and sunsets cross your cliffs; enjoy the best impromptu Sunday evening picnics with friends you’ve just bumped into in the surf; see dolphins in your backyard beach and wales from the next-door golf-course… only here am I not afraid to feel home.

Of course you also need to have camels in winter, plus an ice-ring in a region where ice and snow is unheard off. You also can’t escape the capitalist grip of some of those trying to turn you into just another build-up Venice Beach. You are not immune to some ignorants and drunkards making their wee-round too close to the playground, nor to the arrogant poshies and foreign billionaires who’ve pushed property prices up beyond belief. An expresso here buys a family meal elsewhere. You push out more celebrity chefs, vets, princesses and you name it than probably any other place in the world. You grow yoga teachers like bad weeds. But still, I forgive you ’cause you are much more than that to me. Much more, and yet so little, a mere four words I will always come back to: H-O-M-E.

Bondi Icerbergs.JPG

Sailing Yoga Family on Boat Radio

Coinciding with yesterday’s powerful full moon, Guru Purnima, and Sydney Boatshow preparations, the wonderful Mike and James from Boat Radio in Mallorca, Spain, have interviewed us on life afloat, travelling with kids and yoga. It was a fantastic opportunity to reflect back six months into land-life as we are slowly starting to redefine ourselves and our path and our family.

Moving back in land is on so many ways a breeze: Nothing moves around all the time, no anchors get unhooked in the middle of the night, if the wind picks up – so what?, plenty of machines like dish-washer and washing machine facilitate life to a ridiculous degree, provisioning is a matter of heading to a massive supermarket and an flabbergasting choice of fresh produce markets and organic stores and you’ve got a supportive, loving community around you to catch you when you fall and celebrate with you when you fly. And still… there’s an adventure missing, the thrill of living a dream and the life that you are meant to rather than just following the herd, a part of your soul which feels empty…

For the whole interview and more amazing, amusing and interesting sea stories on Boat Radio, click on the picture below. As well as directly from Audioboom, it’s also available on the iPhone / iPad Podcast app, through iTunes, on Stitcher and on Tunein!

Boat Radio.JPG

Boats are safe in a marina, but that’s not what they were made for!

Sailing Yoga Family at the Sydney Boatshow

These past few days, amid 5-year-old’s birthday celebrations, I’ve been busy putting together some pictures and videos for our presentation at the Sydney Boatshow next week. It’s Australia’s biggest fair on everything on and around the water, in its 49th year running, and we are very excited to be part of it. More so, I’m grateful to give back what I gave us: Six years ago Pablo and I listened to the La Barca family talking about their then recent family sailing adventure. This was the final trigger to set real milestones and make our sailing dream come true. It was real, it was life, it was raw and true – it was possible, all that’s what they stood for and if we can only inspire one other person, couple and/or family to also follow their dream, then the chaos will be worth it, of dragging a baby and two toddlers five days  in a row to Glebe Island, past boat equipment stands and try and keep them quiet on stage. If you are in or around Sydney – please come and say hi, each day 12h30 at the Hot Seat stage. Here‘s the full program.

Also in the pipeline is an interview about our family adventure which Boat Radio from Mallorca, Spain, conducted with us last night. Despite my sleep deprived, soupy brain, I think there’ll be many interesting, and a few amusing, stories and anecdotes in there and I’ll let you know as soon as it’s out. That’s it for today. Leaving you with a quote I posted years ago but which still resonates more than ever in these days of sleep-deprivation, confusion and trying to figure out what the next dream is – or if one needs dreams at all…?!


Anywhere. Somehow. Someday.


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