We are not the only crazy family out there with a commitment to explore voyaging as a way of life, an urge to become self-sufficient citizens of the sea and the courage to cut the lines. Other cruising families: – Another nomadic Aussie family sailing around the world. We haven’t met them yet but hope to share a remote anchorage or two before too long. Check out Behan’s beautiful blog for more details on their journey. – Speed is all I can say. Three kids on a racing boat! – A cruising family which started years ago in Seattle swallowed the anchor and is now settled in for the long haul in Bayswater, New Zealand. – A young couple and their baby girl sailing around the world. – Two kids. A boat. A dream afloat. Beautiful pictures and great kids craft ideas. – Diane, Evan and their teenage daughter Maia from Vancouver share their multi-year sailing trip aboard their heavily renovated 40′ Wood’s Meander catamaran, including home-schooling and other adventures. – a beautiful Aussie family sailing Australia on their Martzcraft 35 (Aussie build) with their little daughter – a family who just had their fifth crew member in the Bahamas: “We don’t have a lot of sailing experience under our belt but if you’re not willing to learn new skills then you will make it nowhere in life.” – a family of SEVEN (!!!) sailing the world

…some without kids – Taking pictures. Leaving Wakes. A sailing couple in their late 30s sharing their journey. – A retired couple sharing their sailing adventures which commenced in Europe and have taken them all the way to Australia. – from  total sailing newbies to live-aboards

List to be expanded. If you are out there and would like to be on here, please get in touch. Nothing more inspiring than hearing that it’s absolutely humanly possible to live one’s dreams. 

Cruising links we like – aims to provide a one-stop website featuring essential information on all matters of interest to sailors planning an offshore voyage anywhere in the world, whether already underway or still in the preparatory stages

Wanna buy a boat?

Youtube links too good not to share (and no, life’s not only about sailing!): – Why women are different to men and vice versa by Amanda Gore. Hilarious  five minute talk! – Animal voice over which never fails to make me laugh. – Twin toddlers having a serious conversation. Hilarious!


  1. I don’t know how I’ve missed your blog in all this time. I always love finding other families out there sailing. I am also Australian and my husband is American. Currently in the Bahamas waiting on the birth of our third. Couldn’t find a doula here, wish you were in the area. Carly

    • Hi Carly, thanks for your message and CONGRATULATIONS on your (third) pregnancy, 38 weeks now (if I’m not mistaken?!), how exciting! I wish I could be there and Doula for you in the Bahamas – will be in spirit over the next few weeks. I probably don’t need to explain to you the joy of connecting with other like-minded families (especially when the rest of the world sometimes seems to be writing us off as ‘gone completely nuts’). Just had a brief scroll through your blog – somehow the pics of your childhood on the Pacific islands brought some tears to my eyes. Will have to explore that further! How wonderful, closing the circles. I too used to work on the super yachts, jaja, sounds we will have to meet up as there’s ways too much to talk over a nice red (or dare I say two…) whilst the kids play together in the sand! What’s your itinerary? We are not sure yet whether to stay in the Med or head over to the Caribbean by the end of the year – will decide further down the track. No focus on you and the birth. Namaste (‘I bow to the Divine within you!’). x Dini

      • Thanks Dini, we’re going to head south from here, not too interested in the Caribbean chain but need to get out for hurricane season. Not too sure from there. Scoot across South America to Panama perhaps and my husband is dying to go to Patagonia. All our US friends think we’re crazy but funny that my Australian friends think it’s great. Different minds I guess. Would love to catch up when you head this way, it’s hard finding families with younger kids onboard. Stay warm and enjoy. Carly

  2. Hi Dini I am Carolina -went to primary school with Pablo in Esquel! Just found out through fb about your amazing plans and that you will be coming to London – where I’ve been living for the last 6 years. It would be lovely to see you all. I’ve already mentioned to P: do let me know if I you need any help from here.
    All the best, Carolina x
    ps: in the meantime, your blog reminded me of this family (i only know their blog, not them personally) who are sailing around the world with small children:

    • Muchas gracias Carolina. We’ll be in touch. P will be in and around London late July, depending on the boats we’ll all go there – or not. Hablamos! Gracias por el link tmb, muy lindo;)

  3. just found your blog… we are fellow spirits I think… nomads floating around the world with our family. really enjoying your reflections on the process and very much look forward to following your adventures… and hopefully sharing an anchorage someday!

    • Hi Behan, I’ve been enjoying cruising around your blog too, very inspiring! Can’t wait to one day meet you in person, and yes, ideally (and most likely!) in some wonderful anchorage on this planet. Try to comment on your last post with topics to write about, but somehow the technical man on the internet wouldn’t let me (or did you get a comment?)… Keep the great work up. If you don’t mind, I’ll put a link to your blog up on this page!?! x Dini

      • Hi Dini, I didn’t get a comment on the post, but feel free to just send me any questions as you start your cruising journey- behang (at) gmail (dot) com is best. I think you are smart to head out to buy something in Europe- great deals and a lot of really great downwind sailing from there! I’d love to have our blog linked here- thank you!

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