Just one glance back

Although we only got back from Sao Miguel a few days ago, it already feels like a long past memory. Travelling through space, as in putting 650 km behind us since leaving Lisbon’s airport, somehow makes time fly faster, while at the same time slowing it down. Something only voyagers might relate to…


A remarkable fact about the Acores is that they seemed to have all potential for self-sufficiency. Besides the usual fruit and veg they grow and produce their own famous pineapples, milk, cheese, butter, meat and beer to name just a few. Typical of islands, people are friendly and life is laid back. The weather is extremely variable, changing from summer sunshine to winter clouds in less than a minute.

Here’s a few smartphone shots which barely do the mysterious beauty of these Atlantic islands any justice, but nevertheless I hope you’ll enjoy.

CIMG4374 CIMG4382

Australian Fauna in the middle of an Atlantic island!CIMG4384-001 CIMG4388

One comment

  1. Glad you had some respite from the boat searching on such a magnificent island paradise. Let me know if you are passing through Barcelona in the next 3 days as I will be there! xx

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