Another Christmas over. We spent it quite traditionally with family for a change. One of the reasons we had decided to start this journey in Europe. Nothing compares to the sparkle in children’s eyes without which this event means nothing to me. Bonding with their grand-parents. Unexpected presents. Pictures say more than words. Enjoy.

xmas blog_103

We just got back to the UK to top up the kitty for a few months before we head to Greece. Still unpacking. More soon. Thirty centimeters of my hairs is gone, together with lots of old stuff we left back in Sydney – old stuff I don’t need in a new year and novel adventure. Chacra cleanse done. The only thing that’s left to do is to write a few lines and find a place in Southampton. Talking about which, should you know of any furnished short to medium term place to rent here, please leave us a comment below this post…

Making the best of the last couple of days of 2013 which has brought us so much closer to our dream.

ImageImageImageImagexmas blog_107 xmas blog_109xmas blog_106

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