The courage to dream

After teaching four classes today, I’ve manage to peal out of a luke-warm Epsom salt bath and tear myself away from ‘Fifty shades of Grey’, in disbelief that this book is actually grabbing my attention. A gen Y control freak, extraordinarily successful according to our society’s standards, but extremely poor according to any slightly deeper philosophy, pulling an innocent college graduate into his absurd sexual games… That’s what makes a 100 million copies-sold- best seller these days!?!? The prose are generally viewed as rather poor (agree!)… Sex sells, poetry doesn’t. Shallowness works, depth doesn’t.

What would Shakespeare or Austen say to this, in whose lands we are currently basking in the uplifting spring sun? Or the Dalai Lama? Random thoughts. Back to lyrics: As I am researching for an article I am writing for Australia’s cruising magazine, I came across this beautiful quote by Paulo Coelho.


The world lies in the hands of those that have the courage to dream and who take the risk of living out their dreams!

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