Rituals and mindfulness ponderings


Another new moon. This time we were at Avebury, a Neolithic henge monument containing three massive stone circles, in beautiful Wiltshire, in southwest England. In other words, a very mystical and spiritual place where almost 5,000 years ago rituals were held already. Ah, how important it is to keep those special rituals going to check in with our souls, stop the daily routine and make sure we are on the right track to leading the life we want.


When connecting with friends and nature , mindfulness seems to come naturally. In front of a screen, it doesn’t. The nature of internet. Pure ether, zero grounding. Stuck in the rat race, racing towards a heart attack. Why have we created a world like this? It doesn’t seem to allow for the majority of people to live their full potential. Is there space for happiness in our society? What happened to spirituality? And why isn’t mindfulness taught at school instead of multi-tasking?Image

I’m not saying that the step from an office to a boat comes with an immediate and intrinsic happiness factor. Either way, inner peace is hard work. But honestly, I’d much rather work towards that on a boat, sailing the world and it’s magnificent places, than being stuck in an office every day, making money for someone else while missing out on most things which are of real importance. But maybe that’s just me. So many things that make me wonder – and wander (same root!) – these days. Is it the new moon? Being made up of over 70 percent fluids, us humans can’t pretend not to be affected by it if all the world’s oceans are.Image

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