On the road again

Yesterday Pablo picked us up in Rome after two fabulous days of Italian life at its best with some old friends whom I went to school with 14 (!) years ago. Being surrounded by Italian family I somehow realized what we are trying to do in our parenting approach without ever having thought about it consciously: Mixing the latino open-heart, warmth and lovingness with the northern independence, freedom and encouragement for exploration. So far, so good.

The farewell in the UK started with a little hiccups. Pablo drove of on his three day trip through France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and Italy (well done!) with my wallet in the van. So I was left with two kids, a handful of clothes, a few sticker books, toy cars, a plane ticket and some of our passports. No van. No hubby. No more flat etc. A similar Facebook message caused worry amongst my friends and family which I felt sorry for. At the same time, it was mind-blowing to see the support that there is should one be in real trouble. A note on the plus side of my love-hate relationship with social media. Thank you! In the end it was the care of some very dear friends at whose place we had started our six months travelling interval in England, which set us off well. We feel forever grateful for having them, who seem more like a beautiful UK extension to our family than anything else.


Now safe and sound in a little Italian town near Napoli, we will be catching the ferry from Brindisi to Patras this evening. We are both blown away how much southern Italy resembles Argentina. No wonder, as this is where many Italians migrated to in the brighter days of Southern American economies. Driving a couple of hundred kilometres yesterday in the van after a proper Italian farewell dinner (Grazie mille, Chia e familia – la extensione Italiana della familia M!), it felt so familiar that we wondered whether the seven months in Hampshire were but a wonderful dream? Strong friendships and a topped up bank-account tell us otherwise. Sometimes life resembles a dream though and there’s nothing wrong with that. So let me finish of with this quote glaring from the Cafe’s wall I’m writing this is:

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.


    • Yes, great feeling. Despite (or because of) anti-foul all over my due to this morning’s hot and efficient sanding session, these days definitely belong into the category ‘never felt closer to my dream(s) before’. See you over this end of the Atlantic soon! Good luck with your journey;) xx

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