Bella Sicilia – we have arrived

We have arrived! A few days ago already, actually – and have been having the best time ever. Bless Italy, or Sicily I should say (Sicilians never refer to themselves as Italians). The beauty of the place, the cuteness and history of the villages, gorgeous wines and delicious food is only surpassed by the indescribable friendliness of the people. Not to mention our friends’ visits. But first things first.

Our crossing from Greece to Sicily. Some say pictures tell a thousand words. If that is so, then videos must tell a million. To spare you the reading, I’ve put together a two minute summary of the 270 nautical miles and 48 hours which brought Happy Dancer across the big blue Ionian Sea.


  1. So great to see Happy Dancer sail! Keep posting the videos and I might be able to convince Sarah to jump on board a yacht with our little one! 😉 She is already enjoying your blog!

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