And then I was 31!

31 Birthday_629 This is the birthday post that never happened. Ten days into my 31st year of life I finally get a moment to put up some lines. When I was younger, getting older used to freak me out: More opportunities that might have been lost. Now, I’ve always been one to rather regret not having done something than the other way round. So these days, getting older couldn’t bother me less. It’s an inevitability of life anyway. On birthdays, I simply take the opportunity to have a good day with friends and that, I had.

Beach morning with lots of little surprises, presies, deliciously healthy treats and a gluten free carob chocolate strawberry cake on top. A siesta and some fulfilling boat cleaning (no joking – seeing the deck freed from Sirocco’s desert dust and Malta’s construction filth – just in time for my in-laws visit – made me sooo happy! Like I said, lol, the 20s have passed…) followed by sundowners in a sweet seaside bar on Manoel Island, two unexpected magazine interviews and photo shots, followed by Italian pizza and movie night with my littlies and some friends – without a doubt, one of the loveliest couples on the island. Honestly, the impromptu, stress-free sunny day couldn’t have panned out any better.

Moreover, if 30 is any indication of what’s to follow for the rest of the 30s, then bring it on:

2014 April – having a blast in the UK, May – topping up the kitty, June – saying goodbye to my wonderful students and new amazing friends from our winter in Southampton, July – travelling through Italy to Greece and moving on board, August – settling on board, September – enjoying stunning Greek islands, October – falling in love with Sicily while welcoming friends on board, November – flabbergasted by our tip top arrival in Malta and an amazing Yoga Retreat in Gozo, December – grateful for another opportunity to top up the kitty and make new friends. 2015 January – overwhelmed by the generosity of friends letting us spend the coldest winter in Malta (how lucky were we!) in their cosy apartments, February – another fabulous yoga retreat, March – loving spring on Happy Dancer, April – turning 31, back to Sicily for a long weekend, bonding with the Med live-aboard community and more kids boats… 31 – Bring it on!

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