I know I’ve mentioned it already, but I just can’t get enough of the magic of the Lycian ruins all around us, mixed with Romans, ancient Greece and sometimes more. Each new rock tomb, each expected and unexpected ruin city we stumble across, takes my breath away anew.

After every proper ruin exploration, follows a proper lunch, like this one in our favourite spots by the Dalyan River with the fresh and organic eggs in your omelette brought to you by the chickens themselves, an old lady with ancient wisdom (alas I spoke Turkish…) running the show and the hammock gently swaying in a summer breeze.

DalyanRiver Cafe_174 DalyanRiver Cafe_175 DalyanRiver Cafe_176 DalyanRiver Cafe_177 DalyanRiver Cafe_178 DalyanRiver Cafe_179 DalyanRiver Cafe_180 DalyanRiver Cafe_181 DalyanRiver Cafe_182 DalyanRiver Cafe_183 DalyanRiver Cafe_184


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