From a burning country

Dini Martinez

It’s been quite eerie since I got back from India two weeks ago. Australia is burning like never before. In a chat with my kids today we realized that either this was going to go down as an unprecedented disaster in history, or, alas more likely, as the new norm for decades to come. Over 700 homes and 2,000 buildings have been burnt down. There have been 7 fatalities in NSW alone. 10 percent of our national parks have burnt down and fires are still raging. Fire fighters are getting support from all other states as well as the defense force.

The closest fires to the Central Coast have just joined into one massive one forcing many friends and acquaintances of ours in the hinterland to evacuate their homes. A friend who lives less then 20 minutes down the road is on high alert. The air quality has been appalling…

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