Boat: Moody 425

We needed a boat which was a save sea going  as well as a home. We searched the boat market intensively for a safe boat suitable for comfortably living. The typical well-known mass product boats were off our list from the start as experience showed they were not built to a blue water sailing quality which would make us feel safe at sea. Due to our limited budget, the noble Swedish brands were not an option either.

11-05-28-Happy Dancer-005 11-05-28-Happy Dancer-021

11-05-28-Happy Dancer-013We were pretty set on a centre cockpit to provide extra safety for the kids and a larger owner cabin for us. Moody, a well known brand designed by Bill Dixon was high up on our list and the 425 convinced us for various improvements that had been made from its predecessors, including two extra bunks (out of a total of eight) in the starboard walk through (which allows us to have guests in the en suite forward cabin or even an extra hand for a crossing, should we need it) and a comfortable swimming platform astern. 116 of this type were built between 1988 and 1991 through Marine Projects, Plymouth.

11-05-28-Happy Dancer-095

The fact that Moody is a well-known and trusted cruising boat brand, not only helps to keep the intrinsic value of the boat, but also comes with the advantage of finding advice and spare parts easily and a very active owners association

11-05-29-Happy Dancer-113

Two videos the seller had put up on youtube: outside –  and inside –

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Some more facts and more on the very active Moody Owners’ Association headed by no other than the designer, Bill Dixon, himself.

Hull Length 12.70m 41.66′
LWL 10.44m 34.25′
Beam 4.07m 13.34′
Draft (fin keel) 1.83m 6′
Draft (shoal keel) 1.42m 4.66′
Displacement 9,900 kg 21,780 lbs
Ballast 3,811 kg 8,400 lbs
Water 409 ltr 90 gal / 107 US gal
Fuel 273 ltr 60 gal / 72 US gal
I 15.77m 51.75′
J 5.03m 16.5′
P 13.95m 45.75′
E 4.72m 15.5′
Thornycroft 50hp diesel engine.


What other’s have to say about the fantastic Moody 425

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Moody Owner’s Association – the knit and grid of it


  1. Hi There,
    Good on you guys for taking a little risk. We are a bit ahead of you having spent 2 years in the Med we just arrived in the Caribbean a couple of weeks ago. We also have a Moody 425. Get in touch if you have any questions we can help you with. Cheers and Happy New Year, Robert and Carla

    • Hi there, thanks for getting in touch and congrats on the crossing. How did it go? Did you sail the ARC? Have you got kids as well? How long have you had your 425 for? What’s your cruising plans for the next year(s)? What upgrades did you do to your boat before the crossing? xx thx Dini

  2. You got your boat! Congratulations! I lost tabs on you guys for a while–I’m so happy to hear this! I’ve officially given notice at my job, and the house is on the market. Fingers crossed we might still make that Christmas rendezvous, Ha, ha!

    • Great news! We’ll actually be spending another year and a half in the Med – it’ s beautiful here, so can we postpone our Caribbean Christmas date to December 2015?!? Keep us in the loop of things. Much Love, Dini

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