Cyclades and Dodacanese

The boats you see… Some like it home-made!
Just another anchorage… in the middle of an active (!) vulcano crator near Santorini! Happy Dancer at about 1030 of the picture.

Sometimes a few words plus a lot of pictures say more than lots of words. In brief, sailing the Cyclades and Dodecanese Islands in Greece over the past couple of weeks has been a joy and privilege. Each island has its own charm. Mostly we tucked away at night in the bays of some dreamy sleepy fishing towns, like Analipsis in Astipalia or Pali near Simi. Others we slept in the crater of a volcano, read Santorini. Then occasionally we moored on the town quay of an almost forgotten village, which, if not for the cruisers and some tavernas, would be but a ruin of history, like beautiful … in Nysiros. Whenever the stern lines are out, the bikes come off too and we explore the surroundings, no matter how steep the vulcanos. Best way to see and feel a place, smell the olive groves and cypresses and get the funniest looks for the locals a) for a woman driving a boat safely into a town quay, b) for the bike trolley we pull behind for our two little treasures and the whole lot of bags they entail.

Most of the fantastic sailing was done in sustained 20 kts of winds, thanks to Meltemi, the prevailing NE in the Aegean in summer. Gusts up to 35 kts made things more interesting at times. The latter also increased our trust in our Delta anchor and eliminated any doubts whether we should have spent another 500 Euros on a Mason or Rocna. Contrary to our crossing from Malta, we barely ever used the engine.

Enjoy the Greek pictures. Next ones will come from Turkey. Yasu – colloquial Greek greeting!

This is a screenshot of our two week accelerated track through the Aegean. To follow us life, klick here where our Yellobrick sends 12 hourly satellite positions to when we are underway.


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