Why is it that often when we most need it, we lose our path? Our calm? Our meditation? Our looking after ourselves? ‘cause of the kids. ‘cause life is too busy. ‘cause of the weather… Excuses are always plentiful, but in the end, they are only excuses.

Well, I’m not letting monkey mana (the continuously fluctuating mind) take over again. In the past few yes beautiful, but also challenging transition months we have been finding our way into the eco village, into a house built and me, somehow into the trust, that eventually all that will still lead back out onto the ocean, towards my beloved horizon. The moment I went back to not only integrating mindfulness in the everyday, but also dedicating specific time out ONLY for meditation, the Source started talking to me again. And from there, everything is clear. Surprise, surprise, it has left me inspired on many levels. That’s one of the qualities meditation leads towards, feeling inspired – in Spirit!

Feeling inSPIRIT!

Have you dedicated a moment to being inSPIRIT yet today? Else how can we expect to be guided along the Divine path, if we don’t dedicate a moment to listen? Time to slow down – even if your body is busy😉

PS And why not dedicate a whole weekend to inSPIRITation, meditation and yoga (= to yolk – joint, unified) mindfulness? Have a look at my Spring Equinox Yoga weekend this September on the Central Coast, NSW, Australia and get in touch if you wanna grab some of the remaining spots. And/or join me at my weekly classes around the Coast or book in for a private Yoga, Ayurvedic Lifestyle or Reiki session (also on Skype for my overseas friends).

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