Yoga Family on Boat Radio

Coinciding with yesterday’s powerful full moon, Guru Purnima, and Sydney Boatshow preparations, the wonderful Mike and James from Boat Radio in Mallorca, Spain, have interviewed us on life afloat, travelling with kids and yoga. It was a fantastic opportunity to reflect back six months into land-life as we are slowly starting to redefine ourselves and our path and our family.

Moving back in land is on so many ways a breeze: Nothing moves around all the time, no anchors get unhooked in the middle of the night, if the wind picks up – so what?, plenty of machines like dish-washer and washing machine facilitate life to a ridiculous degree, provisioning is a matter of heading to a massive supermarket and an flabbergasting choice of fresh produce markets and organic stores and you’ve got a supportive, loving community around you to catch you when you fall and celebrate with you when you fly. And still… there’s an adventure missing, the thrill of living a dream and the life that you are meant to rather than just following the herd, a part of your soul which feels empty…

For the whole interview and more amazing, amusing and interesting sea stories on Boat Radio, click on the picture below. As well as directly from Audioboom, it’s also available on the iPhone / iPad Podcast app, through iTunes, on Stitcher and on Tunein!

Boat Radio.JPG

Boats are safe in a marina, but that’s not what they were made for!


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