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Welcome! I have been looking forward to sharing our journey (internal and external) with you for a while – but also scared. ‘Does this world need another blog?’ Is what kept me from putting us out there for a while.

This morning over a chai and the local newspaper, a few weeks after the birth of my second son, I found myself pondering about old friends and acquaintances from high-school and university. Where are they at, shortly before hitting their 30s? One appeared in the newspaper on page three as a candidate for the Greens. Well done! Another one wrote on Facebook: one of Australia’s youngest barristers, home owner, married and about to give birth to her first daughter. Great achievements! Another one, getting closer and closer to the million dollar mark as some high-flying financial adviser. In his own way, goal driven and ambitious… Running through the list, inevitably the question comes up, ‘What have I achieved?’

The little yogi I carry around in my left ear is quick to whispers, ‘It’s all about the spiritual development and the journey itself!’. True, the material side of life has rarely interested me. Nevertheless, even there my CV has some achievements to showcase like varied international work experience across most continents, a UN contract, NGO experience in South America, corporate sustainability in Australia… and more recently a handful of yoga schools in Sydney I have successfully been teaching at and a wonderful portfolio of Doula clients whose births I have been able to enrich and vice versa. Emotionally, I am happily married, mother of two gorgeous sons and couldn’t feel neither happier, nor more full-filled. So why still doubt? Because deep down inside I know that it is time to finally realize my long-lived dream of sailing around the world with those I love most – and realizing your dreams can be a scary thing!

Life is not the amounts of breaths you take, it’s the moments that take your breath away.

This blog is a small step on our family’s journey to sailing around the world – a commitment to sharing the good as well as the challenging moments. We will post

  • challenges we come across in the process of finding our ideal blue water cruiser;
  • our ways to make yoga philosophy part of our daily lives and bringing up our boys;
  • inspiring quotes with most posts (please do share your’s in comments!);
  • Ayurvedic health tips;
  • yummy recipes;
  • and whatever else comes to mind.

Once sailing, we also  hope to introduce different social and environmental projects we come across and maybe raise some awareness, funds or other forms of assistance for them.

If you want to know more about who we are, go to Crew.

To find out more about our preparations so far, go to Preparations.

‘Why go Sailing’ lines out why a couple with two young kids would leave behind their secure jobs and cozy life in Sydney, Australia, to lead a nomadic lifestyle on the water.

We believe that it is scarier to spend one’s life dreaming, than actually living your dreams. This is why we are setting out to spend the most precious years of our kids’ childhood as a family, discover new oceans and lands and hopefully take and leave insight and love, wherever we go.

I hope you enjoy sharing our journey and that this blog can inspire you to also get up and live your dreams. Small or large, doesn’t matter, though remember; even the biggest journey begins with one small step.

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