Next step – Sales

2012 01 05-001

Some time in the next 10 weeks we will hop on a plane towards Europe, in search for the sailing boat which will carry us safely around the globe over the following months, years or decades. Our dream is becoming a reality and starting to influence our present feelings, thoughts and actions. In more poetic words, like an inspiring friend of mine quotes on her blog: “…we were…numbed with surprise to find ourselves actually taking part in a script we ourselves had written.”

Birth can be a life changing experience… And so, a couple of weeks after the beautiful birth of our gorgeous second son, we have decided it’s time to stop talking and set an estimated date of departure. With our savings target hit,  July was agreed. Now it’s time to sell our stuff.

Over the past week we have started putting most of our belongings online, beginning with the big things like our share in a Bavaria 37 sailing yacht, our Toyota camper van, beloved yellow scooter, bike etc. This week the smaller items will go on sale too. A garage sale for clothes and kitchen utensils is planed for June.

Feels like getting rid of physical stuff has also a liberating effect on a mental and emotional level. Every now and then I have to push the little Mr Doubt on my right shoulder away, who comes up with arguments like ‘What if everything goes wrong?’ (That can always happen everywhere. Plus, we’ve got enough skills between us to always gain enough bread to feed and lodge our family. ‘Are you crazy? Other people take years to plan such a trip!’ (Only because we set the departure quite spontaneously doesn’t mean we haven’t spent years thinking about and preparing for it first!) ‘The kids are too small’ (Will they ever be the ‘right’ age?). But then kicks in the dream fairy on my left shoulder and reminds me:

It’s scarier to keep on dreaming, than starting to live your dreams. She’s right!


  1. I am so encouraged to see that they are people in the world that are courageos and spontaneous like you.. I enjoyed meeting both of you and my feelings towards you are more than confirm, you possess all what one needs to succed and I would say That this is, courage, humor, intelligence, patience and love for live and lots and lots of friends that if you need anything will be there to listen to you and give you a helping hand. If you guys are ever in the Dallas area you know you can make a stop and visit us or ask for help for anything you need.
    Good luck and keep us posted of your ‘our adventure”.

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