Shakti Circle

The image below shows some of the beautiful affirmations that landed on my mat after last yoga retreat’s divine Shakti closing circle. Shakti represents female energy, but it is in no way only for women. Rather, it appeals to the Yin/female/lunar side in everyone – that side which is allowed to be weak, soft, tender and surrender, that part which is not expected to control, plan, race and manage all the time. Because this inner stillness often gets ways to little nourishment in our busy lives, we as a human race suffer from many unbelievable illnesses which could easily be cured/avoided, including anxiety, stress, ADD, depression, insomnia, hyper tension, IBS, infertility… Mostly, we find all the answers, including understanding and healing that we are looking for within – not without, in the space between the thoughts – not through over-thinking.


In our Shakti circle, all participants noted at least one positive attribute of everyone else on a piece of paper. These were folded and anonymously placed in a bowl with the relevant person’s name. At the beginning of the session, each found their bowl with positive attributes on their yoga mats. Positive affirmations. Better than any red wine and chocolate combined (and that says A LOT!!!). How easy is it to put yourself down, non-stop. How hard can it seem to cherish, nourish and thank yourself for who you are? Once all the papers are read, participants drop into their chosen style of meditation for up to an hour. Then we seal and close this yummy positivity, yes-ness and life-affirmation in a circle of gratefulness and light. Organise one with your closest ones– regularly. The benefits are incredible, the light indescribable. I strongly recommend this to anyone who cares about living the life that they dream of and being the best they can be. Shanti, Shakti, Shanti Om. May peace and creativity accompany you throughout your day!

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