A crazy thought: Living the life that you dream of

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This morning during my post-natal check up, my physio almost dropped me of the massage table when she heard about our sailing plans. To her, also mother of two, the whole idea of sailing around the world with two little kids seems completely crazy. Most people would agree.

The crazy thing is, that to me it doesn’t. It feels like the most normal and natural thing in the world; sharing what I love most with me family… Plus I just can’t hold back anymore. I don’t like being part of the statistics of people who talk about one day living the life they dream of. For most of those, that ‘one day’ never comes.

For me, I know the moment has come to commence our journey during which I most look forward to sharing time as a family, discovering foreign places and cultures, living in harmony with nature’s forces, keeping life simple and disconnecting from stress, hurry, noise, screens all over and people wasting their lives creating wealth – at the cost of their health and happiness.

Every day has the ability to be the best one of your life. Nevertheless, most of us wake up with a big sigh towards the alarm clock, horrified at the thought of yet again having to walk into a grey cubicle to spend the next eight to twelve hours under artificial light.

Did you know that the German word for crazy is ‘ver-rueckt’, which literally means ‘out of place’? Well, that’s what I really mean when I say I think life is crazy here, looking around me in beautiful Sydney – as much as I love it:

  • People sacrificing their lives paying of mortgages, instead of spending precious time with their families and friends
  • Preservative filled, dead food everywhere, rather than fresh, organic produce
  • The widespread illusion that superficial beauty and youth is the most important thing to hold whereas the spiritual journey is often ignored
  • Old people dying lonely
  • Teenagers who think milk grows on the supermarket shelf and the amount of Facebook friends one has the most important thing in life
  • Babies being taken away from their mums straight after birth
  • Postpartum depression
  • In the newspaper – constant talk about wars fought over money and power, same as centuries ago, and children starving when one-third of all food purchased in Western society’s supermarkets goes straight to waste
  • The list is endless. Would love to hear what you find crazy [USE comments section]!

Life is not a dress rehearsal, you only get one chance! 


  1. You know me Nad. I think travel is the best bonding experience for a family, And this way your kids will spend more time with their Dad as in today’s society usually 1 or both parents are away at work.

  2. Dini and Pablo, first congratulations for your amazing family. I still remember the day I met Pablo at my place in Tamarama and he told me he had a girlfriend but she was in Gold Coast. Now u guys have already 2 babies. I’m a bit like you and trying to live my life like there is no other. I wish you all the best, and I know this dream of yours for a while, I’m just concerned if one of the babies get sick while u r on a remote area, and you don’t manage to find proper medical assistance. That’s a risk, and you have to take it in consideration, because if things goes well, it will be fantastic, but if something wrong happens, it might leave some marks. Hope not, and wish you all the best. Get a proper camera, because is a life experience.

    • Obrigada Diego, lovely to hear from you.
      I hear what you are saying, whatif the kids get sick. Whilst it is a concern, I’m not willing to let my life be driven by the 0.1% ‘what if’s – the reason why many people never dare living their dreams. For the little ouchs, I trust my Ayurvedic knowledge, cupboard of medicinal herbs, mother love and instinct – and who knows, local knowledge, wherever we’ll be. For the serious shit, we’ll get the best health cover we can and will always have a direct line to our lovely doctor friends, like Bish and Yo.
      Re camera, we got ourselves a Nikon 5100 for Christmas and are loving becoming better handling it every day. Watch out for some amazing shots! Beijos grandes

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