Rain or sunshine – it’s your choice. Our past month.

If there is no ups and downs in lifeI am currently working my way through the bio-rhythm chapter of granny’s moon book. In the morning section it suggests that there is really only two type of people; those who worry, and those who don’t. With Sydney weather up and down over the past days, so did my no worries/worry, or rather patience level. Yesterday I had a little  inpatient moment, characteristic for pitta-vata (firey-airy) people. I asked myself why we are not sitting on a boat yet, enjoying a sun-downer in a lovely Greek anchorage with the kids snug asleep in the fore-cabin. Then my mind’s kind and sunny side kicked in reminding me that it’s all happening, one step at a time, as all good things do.

The game is won or lost in the mind, before it is won or lost in your external circumstances.

Dreams, like success, generally don’t fall in your lap, but must be earned. So here’s what we’ve been doing over the past month to earn ourselves a boat in Europe and cut the ropes lose, on top of setting up this blog and putting our dream out there.

Side Note: More on the bigger picture preparations which have been growing like a seed for years can be found on the Preparations page.

  • Sold our share in a boat
  • Checked out flights to Europe in July (ouch, $$$ season – the price for summer, having a family and spontaneity, but you only live once… and money comes and goes, moments make life a dream, and memories make this dream memorable)
  • Took photos of all our furniture to put up for sale
  • Brought our list of top five boats in Europe up to date. The current itinerary looks like we are going to spend our first week in the UK, second week in Greece, and then head to Spain to view our favourite Hallberg-Rassys (The reputable blue-water cruiser boat brand we are most likely to go with.). Like I said, I’m enjoying the journey!
  • Sussed out rental places in the above locations (to be continued)
  • Bonded with other cruising families
  • Discovered Women and Cruising, a website with great resources and connection opportunities
  • Got in the mindset of leaving – waking up with a smile every day
  • Decided to resign to chaos  during our last month here (which will commence the day our van has found a new owner) as we’ll sell and get rid of all our stuff, but will keep the routine as normal as possible until then to avoid making the kids nervous unnecessarily
  • Not buying anything that won’t go in the suitcase or straight down our throats
  • Eating our way through the big supplies of staples like nuts and beans
  • Enjoying every corner of beautiful Sydney and our amazing friends here while we can

And here’s what there is still to do – a list I’m enjoying as the journey is just as thrilling as the goal itself.

  • PeterG For Sale SignSell our Camper van and furniture
  • Buy flights
  • Book accommodation
  • Resign job and lease
  • Sell the remaining bits and pieces
  • Have a farewell party
  • Tell my parents, who are anything but excited about our dreams, that it’s actually happening (Any tested diplomatic tools from fellow cruisers welcome!)

Don’t worry, be happy;) 

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