It’s not the finish line that matters, it’s having the courage to start.

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Switzerland was the last really padded stop-over where some beautiful friends spoiled us, one more time, from top to bottom. We ate only the most delicious food from the garden and I even got myself the most amazing funky, flowery, home-made hippie pants sown at 1 am the night before we left. So lucky! There’s not many things better in this world than rekindling with friends you haven’t seen in years and realize that the connection between one another is still as strong as ever before.

The past few days we’ve been tracking on Napoleon’s Route between Grenoble and Cannes. He travelled here north after escaping from Elba to reconquer the territory. After 100 days his trip ended in Waterloo. We’ve simply skipped the high-way tolls and slenderer down at Wilson’s pace (100 km/h max) through picturesque villages stopping in the most unexpected places, swimming in refreshing rivers and tasting the best croissants of our lives. This after-noon we’ll look at our first boat near St Tropez on the Cote d’Azur.

Yesterday I had a moment… Hit myself for the fourth time in a row on the lowered table behind me, burnt myself twice as I was simply heating water for a cup of tea, realized that the fridge wasn’t cooling as it should for the third day in a row, Mozzarella for my planned Caprese lunch had gone bad… As we are getting used to life on the road I must admit having had a few moments of doubt. Is this a necessary part of every big adventure? Throwing oneself in the deep end into a lifestyle change with two little, adorable, innocent creatures can be quite daunting at times.

Buddhism talks about the importance of Sangha – surrounding yourself with supportive people. With this bit mainly missing for our first month in Europe, the landing has been a rough one in a spiritual and emotional sense, but I’m slowly finding my feet again in this dream which some call life. I realize we have still many many hurdles to overcome, but in the end it’s not the finish line that matters, it’s having the courage to start. It’s time to roll into another day of which we have no idea where it’ll take us. My two year old is just waking up with the biggest smile and in a big rush to open the curtains and window to find out in what marvelous place he wakes up today: Roquebrune-sur-Argens.

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  1. You take the most marvelous pictures – you should consider a picture travel guide – very inspiring. Makes this motion sick land lover want to give it a go.

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