Sometimes I have little moments when fear paralyses me. What if the kids fall over board one day? Hearing much more negativity – all the dangerous, but very unlikely stuff – than positive encouragement, understanding and support can get to one’s mind. Most people deem it less risky to hit the road at over 100 kmh with their loved ones every day, or crossing the road between all those stinking fast metal machines, than crossing an ocean on a capable vessel in skilled hands. Have we gone completely nuts, breaking the mold, packing our family up to go sailing, reducing our stuff to a bare minimum (which still keeps life very comfortable over all) and exploring the world as if we were on Columbus’ track? Or is the rest of the world a bit crazy. Spending a morning at the airport the other day, it was impossible for the kids to watch the airplanes take of. All view’s have been blocked of due to terrorism risk, I was told. Really?

Fear is the most valuable commodity in the universe. Turn on the TV. What are you seeing? People selling their products? No. People selling the fear of you having to live without their products. Fear of aging. Fear of loneliness. Fear of poverty. Fear of failure. Fear is the most basic emotion we have. Fear is primal. Fear sells.

Max Prooks, World War Z


Then I meditate. Take a deep breath. Go for a run. Sing a song. Play a tune. Cook something nice. Have a dance. Whatever there is to reconnect with my soul. Then I know we are doing exactly what is right for us. We are following our heart. That’s all there is to do. Believing in our dreams. Trusting the universe. Letting go of all the conditioning. Being true to ourselves. Reconnecting with all the elements around us.

I guess it’s a decision whether you want to live your life driven by the 0.1 per cent of ‘What if’s, or whether you take the 99.9 per cent/ everything’s gonna be all right approach and bluntly follow your dreams, heart, ideas and ideals. All the great explorers of the past, entrepreneurs of the present and inventors of the future have taken the latter and so have we. Let them be our examples and give us the strength to disregard the rest!

I believe. I trust. I let go.


  1. Amazing Dini. Your words never cease to inspire me. This one in particular! When I’m having a ‘down’ moment where I let fear take over, I simply think back to this post, and it fades away. You have such a talent to be able to evoke that kind of response in someone thousands of miles away. Miss you lots, keep those updates coming!

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