Everyday life on the road

Dinner_465 Dinner_466 Dinner_467 I was quite surprised as to how often I’ve been asked by readers, friends and family what we eat on our journey. I guess,  it’s part of trying to imagine what our every day life looks like. The quickest answer to the latter is quite easy.

kensington park_437

kensington park_438

On the one hand like any other full time mum’s schedule and very similar to our life in Sydney: Brekky around 9 am is followed by our morning outing which can be anything from a walk, playground, beach (alas those summer days!), museum or other fun activity. If it needs to be something practical like doing the groceries, we make it as much fun and involvement for the kids as we can. In the end,helping and participating in grown up life is one of the most exciting things for them. After lunch the kids have a nap which, in summer is followed by another outdoors activity. Since the 4 pm sunset has kicked in here in the UK, we tend to stay cozy and devote the pre-dinner time to arts and crafts, reading, legos and the like. After dinner and once the kids are in bed, my husband and I get a moment to kick back, read a book, talk, play cards, catch up on blog posts, do some work or, simply, hit the hay. Living in tune with nature is one of the things I really love about this life. We always know what the weather is up to,when it’s full moon or what time it is, although both our watches broke the day we left Australia. Interesting, hey!


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On the other hand, life is very different. Our space is much more humble. It takes me 5 minutes to clean the van, maybe 15 minutes for a super detailed one. We are much more aware of our footprint and even our two year old is aware that water and gas are limited resources, and the holding tank can only hold so much. When we don’t like it at one place, we move on to another, constantly living new adventures and meeting new people. Also, we have become much closer as a family, simply by sharing so much time and so little space together. Often we laugh when we find ourselves cuddled together outside or at someone’s place, even if there actually is more space to spread out. It’s a habit, I guess.


One way to keep ourselves healthy throughout this crazy adventure is by taking the time and love it takes to create deliciously healthy meals. Above and below a selection of last week’s menu. Recipes on request (Leave a comment.). Note: We don’t have an oven in the van, so whenever there is one at a friend’s place, I take over the kitchen and they watch and wait in delight. I have found that a lovingly home cooked meal is one of the best presence you can give friends to thank them  for letting you stay at their’s.

Dinner_463 Dinner_464Dinner_469


  1. Camilla,I got so excited about cruising that I forgot about the recipes. Banana pancakes got their own post way back: https://yogicsailingfamily.wordpress.com/2013/05/27/gluten-free-banana-pancakes/. The healthy peanut butter pie is from a friend of mine’s recipe blog: http://eatingbeauty.org/2013/10/30/chick-pea-chocolate-peanut-butter-pie/. The cookies are from my favourite food blog: http://www.mynewroots.org/site/2012/03/diy-almond-butter-almond-butter-jam-sandwich-cookies-2/.all others were invented on the spot.if there’s any that particularly takes your fancy, let me know and I’ll try to remember.x

    • Dini, Many thanks for your reply. I would love to know the pasta recipe and the quiche/flan. It all looks so good…

      Our boat is a Passport 51 built in 1986 in Taiwan and then fitted out in the US. In her previous life she has sailed from the US – UK, then sailed around Europe for many years until heading to the Pacific, and then NZ and finally Bundaberg. We love her as she is so solid and beautifully crafted. She will be our home for many years.

      Enjoy an English Christmas and all it’s traditions,

      Camilla X

  2. Hello, I love following your journey towards boat ownership. We live in beautiful Tasmania and at the end of March will sail up to The Great Barrier Reef on our yacht accompanied by our 2 Weimaraners. I intend to continue with my daily yoga on board, and will also follow a much healthier diet – therefore I would love the recipes from your recent post.
    We bought our yacht up in Bundaberg – a great place to find blue water yachts that have been sailed across the world…
    Enjoy your time in the UK ( I am a Pom),

    Cheers, Camilla
    S V Namirda, Kettering TAS

    • Hi Camilla, we almost bought a yacht in bundy a few years back… definitely the place to go in aus. what yacht is namirda? please do keep us updated on your journey. sounds awesome, albeit not the easiest waters;) looks like we’ll start the sailing part of our journey in greece. stay tuned. muvh love and thanks for connecting. x dini

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