Barren Trees

As I am going through all the pictures and videos of the past five months, preparing little x-mas presents for our friends and family, I cannot but feel overflowing with abundance and gratitude. Sure, leaving a settled life in Sydney behind, and starting a new, more nomadic and adventurous one with only 100 kg of luggage for the four of us, has had its challenges and moments. But overall, I cannot grasp how happy I am to be living this dream. And when you give it the best shot you can, things come your way. The kind friends who’ve let us warm our feet near their cozy chimney over the past weeks, while we have been waiting and the temperature dropping, is just one example.


Today’s morning walk with my boys through the barren winter landscape of South East England reminded my how similar we are to trees, in some ways. Most have shed their colourful leaves and endure winter in their most basic dress, awaiting to refill their branches and trunks with new greens when spring arrives. Maybe this is necessary for humans also, to live through a winter every now and then, cleanse ourselves of old stuff so that we can flourish again. Water and air both get stale if there is no flow, and so does Prana, our life energy.


I always find it hard leaving places and people behind, but I am utterly in love with discovering new ones, or even rediscovering ones I have not seen for a while. At this point in our voyage, we have lived through our winter, shedding everything we had and knew, to allow for our dream to blossom with the first breath of spring. Not without challenges, yet life feels good, pure, simple and I am grateful.



  1. Many thanks Dini..I can’t wait to cook it on board over the next 10 days. Have a super white Christmas Camilla X

  2. Dini, Many thanks for your reply. I would love to know the noodle recipe and the quiche/flan. It all looks so good…

    Our boat is a Passport 51 built in 1986 in Taiwan and then fitted out in the US. In her previous life she has sailed from the US – UK, then sailed around Europe for many years until heading to the Pacific, and then NZ and finally Bundaberg. We love her as she is so solid and beautifully crafted. She will be our home for many years.

    Enjoy an English Christmas and all it’s traditions. I have never got used to Christmas/summer holidays at the same time….

    Camilla X

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