Colourfest 2014


Not many words describe well that feeling of belonging, of ‘yeah, this is how the world should be like’, of pure laughter in the sunshine, of hippies welcoming you on the festival camping grounds with barely any clothes on, if you know what I mean, free like the wind, pure like love… Then the highs of flying from one acro-yoga pose to the next… Followed by Kamboocha in the sun with old friends and new, soothing life music in the background, kids running around with poys and smiles… Last but not least the Kirtan in the evening – it touched me to tears. Was it the memory of Sydney? The gratefulness of being able to share this with my family? The resonations of those ancient sounds on a deep soul level? All of it probably. Divine. An absolutely blissful weekend at the strongly recommended Colourfest. Put it in your diaries for next years. Whok knows, I might even be able to bring some Yin Yoga to it then – one of the few styles missing.


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