X-mas is coming to Happy Dancer

Rawlicious Christmas RawRaspberry Cheesecake

xmas on HD_142xmas on HD_139 xmas on HD_140 xmas on HD_144


  1. Dinner woth a bunch of friends on the 24th here in Sydney, portuguese style and then camping on the 25th till the 5th!!!
    We have a bigggg tent now hahaha check the blog to see a pic.
    noah and Gael are so sooo handsomeeee! Are they enjoying life on the boat as mich as u?

    • Sounds lovely. I’ve got a stash of recipes I want to post – thinking of making the first week of 2015 a hooray to wholesome food and post a recipe every day. Let’s see if it happens. Beijos x 1000000

      • We’ll be having a typical Portuguese Dinner with a bunch of friends on the 24th and then Camping with a big tent on the 25th! Yeayyyy check our blog to see pic of the taj mahal tent hahaha
        And you?
        In the boat?
        You should post more recipes you cook at the boat 🙂

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