Varkala – India’s Bondi Beach

Dini Martinez

The conductor at the train station proudly shows us the 50+ year old equipment which allows him to manage the passing trains without interruptions, nor crashes. The five ancient phones on his simple office desk remind me of visits to my great-granny’s when I was a little girl and the round dials were still put to use at her place.

If my yoga retreat in Kovalam was a journey to self, and the Ashram an even deeper level to that, then our next stop was going to guide us back out of this insightful, amazing outer and inner journey back to… the real world? Although once one has start journeying inwards, there is no going back. What was certain that, although pretty from the outside with Bob Marley tunes playing, over-prised vegan restaurants overflowing with worldly backpackers and yoga advertisement on every second building, it was hard to find depth…

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