Spring notes from a cruising journalist

Another 4,000 words (read feature article submitted) lighter. This piece about sailing in Malta is very special to me and was it not for it being published soon in Australia’s awesome Cruising Helmsman magazine, I’d share all the unique insider tips, first-ever complete anchorage guide and comprehensive marina overview here with you right now. There are a few other worthwhile pieces that have been published recently, including Provisioning, Sailing the Med and Getting Out There. I’ll also be contributing a monthly piece from this month onwards to Malta’s FIRST magazine on conscious parenting, ecstatic birthing, beautiful pregnancies and everything in between.

So here’s part of reason of lack of updates over the past couple of weeks. The other is spring enthusiasm together with sunshine which make the perfect mix to get on with boat work. Servicing the winches,sealing the new engine panel and buying a new and selling our old outboard has been on the agenda this week. Plus, finding the right thickness for the new front hatch has been an odyssey leaning to nightmare, to say the list.

Our permaculture project is also taking shape, but more than that, always good for a relaxing morning connecting with nature and friends at the Creativity Vortex, a unique and magic community land in Malta’s north. If ever you find yourself on the island, head past Mosta’s big dome and chuck a right just before you hit Zebbieh near Mgarr. It’s worth the detour on the way to the beach!

A truly happy person is the one who can enjoy the scenery while on a detour!


  1. Dini and Pablo
    We are regular followers of your blog and of course subscribe to cruising helmsman so keep up to date with your adventures. Easter in
    Sydney is a bit wet today but a great excuse to kick back with Spencer and Monica. Will float on Sharona for a few days then off to Hobart next week for 10th wedding anniversary celebration.

    Warm regards to you all
    David & Kathryn

    • 10 years – congratulations! Much love to Sharona and crew too – often think of you, last but not least because boys are still wearing some of spencer’s clothes and we love your tent everytime we stay over at a friend’s! Happy Easter! xx

  2. excellent & congratulations!
    Well, it looks like I’m following the blogs of most of the Cruising Helmsman’s authors… and wonderful reads you produce, thanks! 😉

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