Sailing Company

Just back from another stunning weekend with SY Vega on Pittwater (Sidenote, her crew is seriously awesome on any level you can imagine!). When I step on board it’s like stepping away from some illusionary ‘should-do’ world into the real. There’s no illusions, everything is less comfortable: The sleeping, the temperature control, the constant motion, the small spaces to name but  a few… but as so often in life, when you take away what you think you need, and stick to the bare basics (YES, boats are basics for little ‘Moanas’ like myself – replace by ‘mountains’ or ‘caravans’ or whatever your thing is, but YOUR REAL thing! that makes your heart beat faster), there’s flow and no matter how hard it is, it’s never real hard. Whereas hit Sunday night and turn back to so called ‘real life’, the flow stops and things stutter as convenience and societal norms creep back.

Hard to fit in? I’m not desperately trying, or in fact, trying at all to be different, but can’t help feeling what I do, and that is mainly that what seems to be the norm, just doesn’t feel normal (think 9 to 5 aka 7am to 8pm work, distorted family life, trapped in schedules, having to own things, rather than share and use while needed, whether it’s a tool, a house or anything in between… in brief, trotting the rat race rather than running wild and free). Another week of internally screaming for a way out, grasping on to meditation like for dear life and forcing my yoga practice to keep hoping, looking for the flow… time will tell. Winds change. No weather is constant. This is no poetry. No narration. Just raw thoughts. SY Rigy, I wish it was weekend again. And more, I wish the norm wasn’t normal, and life would be more welcomed to be lived freely. Wildly. Passionately. Yours from trapped in walls. Sincerely.

SY Vega brings back memories of SY Happy Dancer

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