Intimacy, – Into me I see!

6am. Shamanic healing in the forest. Some serious Soul searching this morning. Deeply held by Mother Earth. Realising that All is holding me in and through her. Connection. Sinking into Pachamama doubts trapped in yesterday. Feeling of void, lost and loneliness blown away in the breeze of the tall, wise trees. Custodians of this beautiful land we are. Let’s look after her, to allow her to look after us. And in Mother Earth, we have everything.


Have you done some Soul searching lately? Connected deeply with yourself? Land? and others? Life is so much more than just the ant march. Don’t waste it. Wake up early!

Morning rays. Purity. Simple Friday morning. And yet so rich and complex. Yin. Yang. All One.

Happy Weekend to you my dear friend. The spark of the light which is the same in me as it is in you greets you warmly. Namaste.

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