Wild Child

My wild child your home is the Sea

Conceived on the waves

She was the first you could see.

Blue eyes like the water, expansive as the horizon, the world your oyster

That’s my wish for thee.


Now you roam secluded beaches, grassy planes, green hills and lush lands

From coast to desert, plane, boat or vans.

Less plastics, more sticks and bushtucker is fun

Family more important and closer than anyone.


So wild, so beautiful, a pure reflection of Pachamama

You teach me so much and what a privilege it’s been.

I hope to keep showing you more of the unknown and what I’ve seen,

As you keep growing, fascinated, open, wild and keen.


Mother Earths’ pristine love reflected in thy eyes

In every sparkle and wave, sail and splice.

Every breeze, wind and storm whisper that wild is the way to go.

No restrictive benches, schedules, stress, early rat race and so.


Not even a need to keep rhyming if the flow takes us elsewhere…

Let me continue to be the guardian of thy childhood beach,

Wild, wonderous, expansive, exciting and rich.


Your’s always, Pachamama’s working angel

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