My personal Ayahuasca journey…

Dini Martinez

I could keep it vague and say that I spent an amazingly revealing weekend in the Australian bush amongst a bunch of beautiful, open-hearted people drinking some ancient jungle juices… but at the risk of being judged and condemned – as people so easily do anonymously and otherwise on the web – I’ll name the name. The setting described, a preparational week of physical, emotional and spiritual cleansing behind me, I arrived with no idea what to expect, yet knowing that I was 150% meant to be there. You hear the call when the time is right… Two days later I left a fresh me, without the weight of so all those burdens, hurts, sadnesses and traumas accumulated knowingly and unknowingly throughout life.

The ceremony itself, most supported by the Shaman, his helpers and the amazing group of 57 of us truth seekers, not afraid to face the deepest sh!#^$#…

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