A winter in Malta

22014/15 we once again stopped for a few months in winter to top u2p our kitty, ground ourselves and enjoy the conveniences of semi-settled life for a change. Here’s out winter in Malta in pictures.

H is for Happiness (16) H is for Happiness (3) H is for Happiness (9) 2015-04-28_14-29-26_629 2015-04-28_14-22-40_776 2015-05-01_19-50-15_228 DSC_0035 BeachBBQ w Maya_720 BeachBBQ w Maya_710 om sunset_696 In law visit_693 In law visit_694 Noah Sailing_690 Gael turns 2_664 Gael turns 2_662 31 Birthday_637 sicily c suegros_643 oscar_649 31 Birthday_636 31 Birthday_630 Ionian Sunset_69 Full Moon Fire_607 Easter Egg Hunt_622 2015-04-04_17-18-57_296 2015-04-02_22-52-48_540 Friends_545 Friends_548 friends_552 Beach Days_536 Friends_543 Buskett Forest_596 Beach Days_530 Buskett Forest_587 Buskett Forest_594 Buskett Forest_570 Buskett Forest_576 Vortex March15_505 Gael_502 Boatwork_501 Yoga_424 Painting Smiles_390 Painting Smiles_380 Painting Smiles_381 Painting Smiles_372 Tarxien Temples_460 Tarxien Temples_456 NovYogaRet2_60-001 Handstand_405 Ramla Bayn Louis_366 Ramla Bayn Louis_367 Ramla Bayn Louis_370 Ramla Bayn Louis_364 Ramla Bayn Louis_365 Chakrita_351 CreativityVortex_347 CreativityVortex_346 CreativityVortex_343 CreativityVortex_341 CreativityVortex_337 CreativityVortex_322 CreativityVortex_323 CreativityVortex_317 2015-01-30_13-07-46_171 St Anton Garden_300 St Anton Garden_299 Reflections_302 St Anton Garden_292 cheryl gozo collage 108SunSalutes_281 108SunSalutes_282 Inhale

Cheeky boys
Cheeky boys
Courtyard impressions
Courtyard impressions

DSC_0341 DSC_0324 xmas dawn_234 capturing_185 valletta sunrise_191 capturing_186 perfect moments_150 xmas on HD_138 cropped-novretsum_35.jpg Charlene 3

Charlene's Soap Cafe
Charlene’s Soap Cafe

NovYogaRet2_78 NovYogaRet2_73 NovYogaRet2_68 NovYogaRet2_60 NovYogaRet2_61 NovYogaRet2_63 NovRetSum_36 NovRetSum_35 NovYogaRet2_59 DSC_0237-001 boat impressions_8 boat impressions_7 boat impressions_6 FRESH BREAD_265 MiddleSeaRace 14_218 Malta arrival_201

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