Malta Mondays

Happy Dancer and us are spending the winter 2014/15 in an i-spot of civilization in the midst of the sparkling blue Mediterranean Sea…

While honouring its rich history and intriguing culture, Malta feels so alive and contemporary. I’m keen to share it’s aliveness with you, not only through our own experiences, but also by portraying inspirational local people and businesses of the kind that follow their hearts, dreams and passions.

You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough!

The kind of people you meet who make you have hope in the world. The kind who make you feel warm in the heart. The kind who make you go home and pursue your passion also because the sparkle in their eyes is a living prove that life doesn’t need to be mediocre. Life can be ANYTHING you want it to be.

Every Monday when I feel it, I will be asking someone local the same seven questions:

1) You in a few words
2) Your business in a few words
3) Your greatest inspiration
4) Your biggest dream
5) Your favourite quote
6) Milestone moments on the path to get where you are today
7) And the future?

And here they are, my local heroes. Click below for more details;)

Michelle Bartolo Yoga
Charlene’s Soap Cafe
Cat from Butterfly Therapies




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