Our whereabouts

Since 2016 we are back home in Sydney, Australia. A third pregnancy has cut our sailing journey on Happy Dancer short and given us some unexpected, though probably thoroughly needed grounding opportunities. (More in our Background Story) We still dream about sailing the Pacific (plus a few land-based adventures like running an organic farm in South America and spending a few years in Asia), but will wait till the kids are old enough to swim, dive and snorkel properly.

We sold our boat in Malta early 2016 and, after travelling Spain and Morocco with a growing belly for several months, we felt the need to go back home, hug our friends and indulge in the easiness of land-life for a while. We fondly look back on our live-aboard years in the Med:

Our 2015 sailing season in the Med

Summer 2015

Our 2014 sailing season in the MedHD prior Yellobrick

… continued once we got our Yellowbrick – which is for sale now:

HD Track 2014

For the track of our 2013 European Boat Search Tour and six months of living in a Caravan, check out our Background story.

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