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The perfect moment

Sicily life_130Don’t wait for the perfect moment. Take the moment and make it perfect!



Castlerious time ponderings

for Amanda_57There’s some places which make us forget time. Or is it us, who in those places, are so lost in time that we completely surrender to it? Or even time itself which has simply stopped without ever stopping? And places that take us to times that are no longer. And times that take us to places that are no longer. And us who return to us, no matter time and place. Some never return… Places, us, time. Us, places, time. Time – the one place we can never escape from, or can we?

Lefkas Castle_77 Lefkas Castle_78 Lefkas Castle_79 Lefkas Castle_80 Lefkas Castle_81 Lefkas Castle_82 Lefkas Castle_83 Lefkas Castle_84 Lefkas Castle_85 Lefkas Castle_86 Lefkas Castle_87 Lefkas Castle_88 Lefkas Castle_89 Lefkas Castle_90 Lefkas Castle_91 Lefkas Castle_92 Lefkas Castle_93 Lefkas Castle_94