Storm tactics

zakyntosh_429 zakyntosh_430The excursion ferry next to us started tying up extra lines the night the storm was expected to pass. Typical Greek style. LOTS of shouting, screaming, arguing and articulating, lines passed, then taken off again, only to be put back on a few minutes later.

At one stage we decided to leave for the other end of the harbour as we wanted to get away from those clowns and their dangerous extra thick bow lines which would have (did in the end) completely locked us in with no escape. Upon leaving it became obvious that they had dropped their anchor exactly over our’s. No wriggling in the world, N, W, E & S could free it. So back in we went and stood out the storm – which in the end was nothing but a big and thorough rain pour. The perfect deck wash Happy Dancer needed, and hopefully a cooling down lesson for the clowns next door as well.

zakynthosh storm_419

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