Sailing Family Video in the Med

It feels like a long time ago, and at the same time like yesterday. Before baby #3 pops out, closing a chapter, I had to put together our last sailing video from the three years we spent in the Mediterranean. Looking at it, it sometimes feels like the last summer before my life started falling apart… and here we are, slowly putting the pieces together again, trying to make sense of that big jig-saw puzzle that is life – to embrace whatever, whenever and wherever adventures the future has on hold for us. Namaste and love from Sydney.



Malta to Greece: Family sailing video

Wrapping up a tough but rewarding week of boatyard work, with Happy Dancer back in the water we’ve started to turn out attention Westwards. It’ll be going that way for a looong time (How many miles to Australia?) and after Greece, we’ll stop over in Malta again for a few days to provision big times on all the good stuff from tons of nori and nato, over pools full of coconut juice, plus the other bits and odds like lucuma powder, chia seeds and, of course, veggie mite.

With another crossing soon ahead, what a better time to have a glance back at our five days leaving Malta for Greece and Turkey. Enjoy the video of five days aboard with kids and no wind.


7 months wintering in Malta in video review

It’s been exactly one month since we left our winter home of seven months in Malta’s Msida Creek. And what a month it’s been – following an amazing and productive winter. While mum and dad were topping up the kitty, healing Happy Dancer‘s little age-related wounds and connecting with the local yoga community, the kids had fun. LOTS of fun as this little video shows. Enjoy and remember – we always love to hear from readers!

From one yoga retreat to the next

Half a moon cycle after the last retreat, this short recap video still brings a blissful smile to my face.

If you missed this retreat and are keen to join in the next one, get ready for Turkey’s stunningly beautiful Dalyan Delta, local food, great yoga and nature at its best: 29 June – 6 July 2015.

Merry Xmas Yoga Practice

If you’ve really enjoyed this 40 minute metabolism boosting yoga session, consider adding something to our cruising kitty towards the future production of more awesome yoga and sailing videos and keep us cruising until next xmas and beyond. Thanks!

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