Yoga Workshops

17 May’15 Conscious Birthing & Beyond Workshop, 3-6pm, Sliema, Malta

This unique one-off workshop for pregnant couples takes place in an intimate environment combining hands-on practice of birthing tools and techniques for mum and dad. Engaging presentations and discussions, plus numerous practical exercises, will allow each couple to connect with their own ideal birth and eliminate internal doubts or fears.

Pregnant Sydney_39

Included in the three hour session are:

Birth process A-Z revisited
Healthy pregnancy
Natural pain relief techniques
Hands on birthing techniques
Ways for partner to help
Overcoming doubts and fears
Birth Art
Birth Theatre
Breathing Techniques
Active birthing
Early parenting
Sustainable child raising
Blissball treats and tea for the break, connecting with other pregnant couples and more…

Price: Exceptional 75 Euros per couple. Spaces are limited to five couples max. Spot reserved upon payment. Any further questions, don’t hesitate to email

Dini Martinez, who will be leading the workshop, is an experienced Doula, mother of two and qualified pre-natal yoga teacher. She used to work in sustainability before making yoga her life and setting of to sail the world on a sailing boat with her family. She contributes regular pregnancy, birthing and parenting articles to magazines and blogs. In Malta, she was invited to talk on Channel One’s Parenting Show.
Dini is also an Ayurvedic practitioner and combines these principles in all she does, including her wholesome vegetarian cooking and pregnancy care.

28 May’15 Yang/Yin Yoga Workshop, Hampshire, UK

7-8pm YANG Vinyasa Flow: Balance from one asana to the next, using your breath (Pranayam), core and drishti. Includes short Yoga Nidra.
8-9pm YIN Yoga: Surrender, let go and drop deep to shed old stuff that’s no longer useful and resurface like new. Includes Chakra cleanse meditation in the end.
Every moment is packed with boundless opportunities!
Where: Hilt Community Centre, Chandler‘s Ford, UK
Email to book. Your spot is reserved upon payment. 25£ for both classes. 15£ for just one hour. Spaces are limited.

4-8 June’15 Colourfest, UK

I am very excited to be joining the amazing Colourfest, UK, in 2015 with daily Yin Yoga sessions.



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