Isn’t the present, present enough?

Child on Beach_83One day closer to departure: It’s nap time and I have a few moments to myself . My thoughts start racing and soon I’ve got 30 open tabs, no idea where to start or finish the seemingly endless to do list and  some knots in my tummy. Deep breath. As soon as my kids wake up, it’s their time again. No use getting them out of there routine yet and cause unnecessary stress and nervousness, although they are probably just as adaptable, if not more, as us.

Over and over again I feel thankful for the two wonderful little boys I have given birth to. Kids are so grounding and at the same time inspiring. What we try to achieve in many hours of yoga practice, days of meditation, thousands of dollars worth of workshops and books, they just do. Live the moment. When I tell my two year old, ‘Let’s go!’, he jumps up full of excitement and runs towards the door with the biggest smile on his little face. Eternal trust in me, he has no idea where we are going, nor whether it’s for an hour, for a weekend or forever (big word!), but is super happy nevertheless.

When do we start spending more time in the future an past than in the present moment? When do we stop seeing the world from children’s eyes? When does the present stop being present enough? Children can teach us so much – and here are mine, calling out, bringing me back to the moment. Bless their presence – and the present. Loving this nerve-wracking  journey. One tab closed. One tick of the list. One deep breath and I’m back in the present. Carpe Diem!



  1. Inspirational Post Dini!

    This is so on the mark with the cause of stress for the present era – I can relate as I find myself busy scrabbling to get all the “to do” lists done. But your post also highlights one cure for this disease of the mind, worry – which is perhaps to see it like a child does. In a child’s mind’s eye – what is there to do? Isn’t it just the things that are right in front of us in the present moment(the photo of Noah on your post captures this beautifully!). Being present always brings me peace in times of stress (even writing this response right now brings peace because I am focussed on the present!)

    Perhaps all we need to do right at this moment is breath! ( – there is a good TED talk I found inspiring on this topic in this post).

    However, I do relate to an endless list of things to do prior to traveling. I always get quite frazzled before I leave on a trip whether it be a 1 year journey or 2 day journey, perhaps it’s because it reminds me of all the unfinished business that I have, but invariably after “actually beginning”, and taking the first step on the journey, I’m feel calm, relaxed and happy that I took the plunge!

    Good luck for your last days in here, think of the excitement that is yet to come! hope to see you for a jam soon 🙂 Much Metta – Bishan 🙂

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