Saying good-bye

ture friendship

This morning I went through my collections of earrings, deciding which ones to take on the plane – then boat – and which ones to give away. In other words, we are down to details. All the big stuff is packed, all 36 nails pulled out of the walls (Any ideas on how to stuff the holes?) and everything that’s not coming with us is sold. With only two weeks left, the time’s also started to say good-bye to friends.

Some people come into your life for a  reason, others for a season and very few for a life time.

The ones who are meant to stay, will stay. The others – I’m grateful for the good times we had and the lessons they taught us. Can you imagine leaving people and places behind forever? We might be back before we know it, completely broke and with a huge aversion towards sailing. Chances are, we won’t, and things will continue to flow nicely our way. In this case, some good-byes will be forever. I have noticed that this is a fact that doesn’t sit well with most Aussies. Many insist that we will catch up again before we leave. Something logistically impossible unless we decided to hold a farewell party every day.

As per me, I feel that we all are, come from and go back to the same source anyway, so why be upset about such a relatively temporary separation? This doesn’t mean I won’t shed the odd tear or two, but I will enjoy it. It makes me feel alive and appreciate those wonderful souls who have crossed my path.

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