Wrapping up Sydney life

So many friends of our’s are struggling to find their feet down under. To us, Australia has been kind. Things here have generally come easy, maybe too easy. It occurs to me, I like walking on the edge. Having  lived in almost countless countries, worked in the Peruvian jungle when I was merely 18, crossed the Atlantic a couple of times, and now embarking on a sailing journey around the world with my young family… If only I could be ok with simply being content in our settled daily routine. But ok-ness has never been enough. Life is so short, why not make the best out of it? Aim high and strive for deep-routed happiness, bliss, the highest mountains, most beautiful beaches and widest oceans. Europe, here we come. Two weeks counting.

Half of 2013 has passed – a very moving six months for many around me. I haven’t written in a week! It’s time-consuming packing a family home into a few suitcases as you can imagine. But honestly, I enjoy every moment of it. Vacuum-packing, discovering an awesome old shipping box at the reverse garbage shop, spilling kava at our farewell party, a garage sale in pouring rain, our last trip with our van (We sold it!), listening to the Dalai Lama speak about teats (…!#^$?!?), being creative in the kitchen using up our staples, enjoying the looks of a freshly cleaned and almost empty house, dancing in and out and around suitcases with my kids… it’s all part of the journey.

Marickville mark_91

Often when you are falling, it is surprising, unexpected situations, people, scents or things that pick you up again. To me these days it is random things that reconnect me with the trust that everything will work out, that make me see that things are flowing beautifully our way: A creamy Chai, a smiling face in the rain, music, un unexpected email, a beautiful boat, my children’s eyes, arts, a special Sydney scent I catch, happy people, a friend’s hug… Many last things make sad, but since the (super!) full moon has passed it is much easier to let go. In order to start new adventures, one has to be able to let go… so here a photographic journey of our last time at one of my favourite markets in Sydney’s West. Enjoy!

Marickville mark_94Marickville mark_96Marickville mark_99Marickville mark_97Marickville mark_95Marickville mark_101Marickville mark_100Marickville mark_98Marickville mark_92

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  1. hey Dini
    thanks for sharing the story of the last few days! Congrats on selling the van (although I’m sure it was sad to part with it) – you are doing so well! I really like your posts in the last few weeks – inspiring to read the journey of “letting go”. I’m having an exciting time here in Port Hedland – can’t wait to tell you about it in person when I get back to Sydney, and say goodbye to you all in person!

    lots of love
    bish 🙂

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