In my next life… reflections from my granny

ImageMy granny  is one of the ones who struggle most in understanding why a young family, like us, would leave behind their so called ‘secure’ life, with stable jobs and great living, in a beautiful place like Sydney, to commence a nomadic live at sea – with two young kids, on a boat… Going through my batch of ancient photos and long thought lost love letters, I found the answer to her constant queries, which she, herself, sent me many years ago:

You have a wonderful life in front of you. If I was able to live my life again, I would try to commit more errors. I’d take very few things really seriously and would have the courage to be crazier. I’d take more risks. I’d climb more mountains, swim in more freezing rivers and watch more sunsets. I’d have less imagined problems and more real ones. I am one of those people who always lives with foresight, healthy and responsibly: Hour per hour, day per day. Yes, I did have my moments – and if I could live my life all over again, I would have more of them. Indeed, I’d try to have nothing else: Just moments, one after the other, instead of living every day thinking about the future for so many years. I’d eat more ice-cream and less salads. I was one of those people who never went anywhere without a thermometer, thermos jug, toothpaste, rain jacket and parachute. If I could live my life all over again, I’d travel more and lighter and do lots of crazy things. If I could live my life all over again, I’d stop wearing shoes from the first day of spring and wouldn’t put them back on until autumn’s over. I wouldn’t get such great grades at school as I had, despite by accident maybe. I’d get more rides on merry-go-rounds. I’d learn to roller-blade. I’d watch more sunsets and I’d pick endless amounts of daisies.


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