My dream boat… a compromise

Port Camargue_262Having viewed over a dozen boats in Europe over the past two months (plus another two dozens or so the years before in Australia), I now know exactly what blue water cruiser I want. One with:

The integrity of a Hallberg-Rassy; the price of a Bavaria; the speed of a racing boat; the space and stability of a cat; the aft cabin and separate shower of an Oceanis CC; the deep, safe and spacious cockpit, as well as the amount of storage space, of an Amel Maramu; the many separate cabins and clever use of space of a Moody 425; the shiny teak deck of one of our favourites, a well maintained Westerley Oceanlord in the UK, but the low maintenance of a non-teak deck Moody 41 in Spain owned by the same Aussie guy for the past 30 years; and last but not least of course the most up-to-date electronics and safety gear – like that of a Contest 41 we’ve seen that has just come back from the Caribbean after a major upgrade in Antigua.

In other words, whatever boat we will end up with, it will be a compromise, just like any voyage, relationship, dish… anything in life really. Today we are looking at another Hallberg-Rassy 382 which has gotten our hopes up for a while. Will keep you posted. Fair winds,  happy sailing – and please do share any thoughts that might help us make the decision on our blue-water cruiser. Thanks.

Port Camargue_267


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