Life is not all bubbles

After a week of limbo in Lisbon we have taken a leap of faith. We bought flights to the Azores and accommodation for all four of us. It wasn’t the rejections that were hard to take. These were almost to be expected on the ridiculous offers we had made. But waiting for people to get back to you to decide on your next moves entails a certain lesson about patience and humbleness.

Now it was our turn to throw the dice again. The Moody 425 we saw yesterday in Sao Miguel was either going to result in a high high, or a low low. Given that this blog post isn’t labelled ‘Our boat’, you guessed right, it was the latter. Typical of our experience with brokers, we had been assured that this vessel was in great condition, ready to go. What we found was a boat which hadn’t been touched in the past two years and required an endless and costly list of repairs to be attended to before it could even leave the port. All locals who know the boat gave it a value of less than half of the broker’s asking price.

After an afternoon of doubt, sadness and pondering how much harder our journey could get, we are now enjoying a mini-holiday until Sunday. The only regret on my mind is that I left my most powerful weapon – our Nikon 5100 – back in Lisboa with Wilson. So all SmartPhone shots you will get from this wonderous island in the middle of the Atlantic won’t do it any justice.


In the end, we won’t go back to the mainland with a boat in our name, but with a bunch of new experiences, friends and contacts. To share just a few – Rui Soare from Velame in Ponta Delgada was invaluable in sharing his expertise on the boat we were interested in. He says many boats crossing the Atlantic stop over just to have him do repairs on their boats or sails. Give him a shout if ever you are in the area.

An awesome place to indulge in Azorean bliss is the place we have been staying at:  Quinta da Abelheira. It feels like much more than a hotel, almost like a second home. The new owner, Margaritha, and her team (website to be upgraded) have been treating our kids like their own, and us like family. A stroll through the beautiful gardens takes away all sorrows!

Last night, my Ayurvedic chapter talked about dropping the ego, surrendering the Self and all the expectations that come with it, to find true bliss. Here is our chance. Although we do have a dream of going sailing, after two months in Europe and over 30 boat viewings, sometimes it seems we are doing everything wrong. Yet, we are doing the best that we can, as a family, together, and enjoying the journey.

If all else fails, we’ve got plenty of plan Bs which each on their own would be worthy of a blog post for the very least: Sustainable farm and yoga retreat in central America; Expat opportunities and NGO work in Asia; Finishing my midwifery studies to spread more human and spiritual birthing practices around the world; or even going back to Australia to pick back up my yoga classes. All are far from being a bad option.

Life is not all bubbles… Even the biggest adventure contains everyday ups and downs. It contains even more opportunities to accept that real happiness lies nowhere but within.


  1. Hey Dini,
    Don’t give up, the universe is behind you! You know I remember listening to a talk by a guy who was a successful entrepreneur and he told a story how a couple were traveling across America in a bus because they had a vision of doing something good (I forget the details) – but because they were open about their dream, everyone around them helped them at the strangest moments.

    You guys are also so open with your plans, and this blog is testimony to that. I believe that the forces that be are 100% behind you, and these are temporary obstacles.

    Keep focussing on the dream and how amazing it will be when you get there (not if you get there, but when you get there!).

    I’ve also had a few set backs in recent times, but a few boosts also. I’m using the same strategy and so far so good.

    “Believe and you will receive”, but also remember to keep stepping forward with humility and courage. Actually, it is the humility that gives me courage!

    Good luck, and lots of love and gratitude for you. You are changing the world just by existing 🙂 x

    • Thanks Bish – nothing like Sangha (a loving and supportive community) to lift one up again. Email me more about your roller coster rides – been thinking a lot about you guys. You wouldn’t be planing a visit to Sweden over the next six months, would you? We have an interesting looking boat there and visiting you guys at the same time would just tip the decision as to whether or not the extra expenses of the (very expensive!) trip to Sweden would be worth it… Let us know and good luck with the countdown to finishing your PHD. The universe is behind you!
      Oh, and I’m in urgent need of a new guitar as I left mine at Jo’s in Sydney. Music also always helps broken wings to fly again, lol. xo Dini

  2. If one of your ‘plan b’ options is to get a cruising boat in SE Asia, let me know if we can help by keeping our eyes open for boats for sale around here- seems there are plenty of folks who get to this corner of the world and decide to stop. xx

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